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Profiles: PXG Founder Bob Parsons

May 16, 2024

Bob Parsons, the founder and CEO of Parsons Xtreme Golf, better known as PXG, was in the twin cities and we were lucky enough to get to sit down with him for an interview. Bob talked about his childhood growing up in Baltimore and how his combat time in Vietnam as part of the Marine Corps molded him into the person he is today. Bob is one of the most successful businessmen in America, founding multiple companies, including GoDaddy and now PXG Golf. He gets into his time in Vietnam and battling PTSD in the years and decades following and how he helps other veterans with both his story and donations to various charities. Bob and his wife Renee have multiple philanthropic causes they are passionate about helping and making a positive impact in the lives of many people. Bob talked about his passion for golf and how that led him to start PXG. PXG is one of the few golf companies to come along in the last decade with staying power in an industry dominated by companies that have been around forever. PXG has been able to make their imprint in the golf club and apparel world by doing things differently, with a direct to consumer approach rather than putting their clubs in the big box stores. Bob will get into how he got into this business and the challenges that come along with breaking through in the golf industry. Bob Parsons is an American success story and he has a new best selling book out titled "Fire in the Hole!" The book is full of amazing stories and at the end of this podcast episode he tells one of the funniest stories you will ever hear from his high school days in Baltimore. Subscribe to the Break80 podcast on Apple & Spotify for weekly golf content! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit